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My boyfriend (Dung) and I purchased a puppy from you guys who was named Troy.  We decided to name him Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter and we call him Nubs for short.  We couldn't imagine a more perfect puppy.  He is the absolute cutest!  He is so cute he was recently listed #24 on Buzzfeed for 25 of the cutest corgi puppies currently online!  He learns so quickly and everyone he meets just loves him.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for our puppy! We are so in love with him.


-Roxanne, CA 2013 
(pup from Charlotte and Gomer - pictured above)

 "Wanted to give you an update on our new family member, Roxy!  We are housebreaking her and she's doing great! She loves playing with her toys and has warmed up to our young kitten Emma . She also sleeps A LOT!  It's so fun watching her.  Just wanted to update you guys on Roxy and how great she's doing and to say thanks for my Christmas gift. I'm absolutely in love with her!"

Carmen, IA 2013

(pup from Gomer and Charlotte) - pictured above.

 "I love my little guy! We chose the name Hiccup, from Dreamworks how to train your dragon. He is so beautiful and handsome and I couldn't have asked for a better puppy, so much personality and so smart! 

Thank you for a great experience!!! Hiccup is doing so well!!!"

Whitney, CT 2013
(pup from Gomer and Bonnie) - pictured above

 I have purchased 2 Sheltie puppies from DeMent's Doggies and couldn’t be happier! They have made our family complete.  They are such good natured and loving dogs.  We originally bought one puppy and liked her so much we bought her sister a few weeks later.  Lady and Colbie have a beautiful coat and each one of them has characteristics from their parents. 

~ K. Johnson

The Dements' are very easy to work with and flexible for appointments.  We are very happy with our Corgi puppy; she is well mannered, smart, has pretty markings and good natured.  We have shopped around and they are very reasonably priced pupppies. If we were to get another puppy, we would buy from them.  ( I write this as our 6 month old puppy is begging to play)  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!   
~Elaine N
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